Oct 20, 2008

we should learn to appreciate and love what we do.


One of the most popular occupations of choice for little girls in the Philippines is to be a cabin crew (or flight attendant/stewardess). They dream of being that tall, fair and graceful lass with a round-trip ticket around the world as a job description. Little girls look up to these statuesque epitomes of beauty and poise, wishing that one day, they too will be one of them. On the other hand, other people may think little of these in-flight professionals. Some misinformed individuals consider them as happy-go-lucky, performing no-brainer tasks on-board the aircraft and involving themselves with countless all-night parties and extravagant shopping sprees in every layover. But one Filipina knows there is more to being a cabin crew than the usual ‘service with flair.’ It takes a pinch of love of adventure, a dash of super-human complex and a sprinkling of humility.