Nov 18, 2008


"I am praying na sana maging ok na lahat.. though I know na i still have to join the assessment this dec. 14... I just want my parents to be proud of me.. they thought niloloko ko sila dahil nga last year ko pa sinabi na pasado na ko sa Emirates since may contract na ko.. I didnt expect na magkakaproblema. Of course naman tapos na ko medicals and vaccines.. dapat ticket na but since last year pa application ko i have to attend the assessment this december daw for formality sake lang daw.. But I still dont have the confidence na I will make it coz am expecting the worst thing to happen.. Ang hirap ng feeling na laging nauudlot.. Am hurting.. for real.. Despite of that, here I am now trying my best again...Am not a good daughter ever since i know that.. Having this job will make my parents proud... Hindi ako umaasa coz ayoko masaktan.. pero I am praying na sana kung di man para sakin to, God will give me strength to accept whatever happens... hay...."


Nov 12, 2008

Bad news

I got a call from the hr of emirates sabi wait ko daw dumating officers ng emirates this december kasi nga since last year pa ko pumasa parang need nila ako intervwhin uli bakit di daw ako nagjoin last year... then i recieve a call from ipams naman kanina sabi ulitin ko daw assessment they're inviting me to join this dec. 14 hay bad3p tlga... pano ko ma eliminate ako sa assessment db?? i feel so sad... i want to give up..maybe this is not really for me... :(

so here i am... waiting for dec. 14.. hay.... so disapointed

Nov 4, 2008

STATUS: still waiting sa ticket............

i have a cabin crew friend from emirates also we chat today and she said normally they're sending the tickets 4 days before ur flight... whew!!

Oct 28, 2008

Just had my vaccine today!

lahat yan tinusok.. required po sha lahat!! waaaa!!!

hi guys.. just what i promised i will keep u updated.. so just had my vaccine.. sakit ah! dalawa sa kanang braso, dalawa sa kaliwang braso and dalawa sa butt!! waaaaa!!! :( here's the pictures.. :)

and then after that i went to ipams to submit my vaccine certificate.. so there.. just have to wait for the ticket... :)

in front of IPAMS hehehee....

Oct 25, 2008

Sample Pictures Needed


Oct 22, 2008


You want to apply sa Emirates Airlines? Pls watch this video.. Sorry naka tagilid video hehehe.. i dont know how to rotate it... HAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! :)

Oct 20, 2008

we should learn to appreciate and love what we do.


One of the most popular occupations of choice for little girls in the Philippines is to be a cabin crew (or flight attendant/stewardess). They dream of being that tall, fair and graceful lass with a round-trip ticket around the world as a job description. Little girls look up to these statuesque epitomes of beauty and poise, wishing that one day, they too will be one of them. On the other hand, other people may think little of these in-flight professionals. Some misinformed individuals consider them as happy-go-lucky, performing no-brainer tasks on-board the aircraft and involving themselves with countless all-night parties and extravagant shopping sprees in every layover. But one Filipina knows there is more to being a cabin crew than the usual ‘service with flair.’ It takes a pinch of love of adventure, a dash of super-human complex and a sprinkling of humility.

Emirates Accomodation

Nakita ko lang tong video sa net... so bago pa lang daw sha sa flat nya sa dubai ... magstart pa lang sha training nung kinuha nya tong video..

My Flat in Dubai and Emirates Aviation College - The funniest bloopers are right here

Emirates Medical Results

Hay salamat...galing kasi ako nung friday sa sm lazo for medical diba.. ayun kinuha ko na result kanina... and ok naman.. lahat lalo na ang kinakatakutan ng lahat and tuberculin test...

Sa mga la idea anu ung tuberculin test,

"A tuberculin skin test is done to see if you have ever had tuberculosis (TB) (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). It is done by putting a small amount of TB protein (antigens) under the top layer of skin on your inner forearm. If you have ever been exposed to the TB bacteria, your skin will react to the antigens by developing a firm red bump at the site within 2 days."

O ayan
gaya ng sinabi sa description tinusukan ako sa arm nung friday so mamaga sha, as u can see it will form like a circle then susukatin yun after two days kaya bumalik ako kanina to get the result.. So pag lumaki ung red mark ng 10mm it means its positive!!! pero thanks God mga 7mm lang ang akin.. so


also ung PFT ko nagkaproblem...

"What is a PFT TESTs?.....
Pulmonary function tests are a broad range of tests that measure how well the lungs take in and exhale air and how efficiently they transfer oxygen into the blood."

....kasi naman pinablow ba naman ako ng malakas sa isang machine ay naka sampung blow na ko!! hirap ha... so below normal lang tlga kaya ko.. ang resulta.. di daw normal !!!! eto ung result oh....

...hay buti na lang may solusyon ayun ni refer ako sa isang pulmonary doctor... hay gastos na n
aman... ayun sa harap ng pgh.. here's my pic habang wait sa napakatagl na doctor.. waaaaaa!!!!! :( picture adikkk.. :) step na ko... Vaccines na lang.... maybe tomorrow..ill update you guys.. :)

Oct 18, 2008

How did I apply?

First of all, sa mga may scar questions sa legs.. i know its ok basta bas pwd coveran or i conceal look nyo legs ko may tahi pa nga diba? basta pwd i conceal ok lang ..ayan akin o may tahi pa! :)

so madali ba ang pagapply???

>>>Naku... mahirap.. unang una magastos kasi madaming dapat gawing perfect like paayos teeth pa braces... kelangan ok face mo..patanggal mga blemishes... bata pa ko gusto ko na maging isang stewardess.. F.A., Cabin Crew (same lang un)

Year 2006 madami ako friends nag apply sa Emirates through IPAMS. kaso i didnt try pa kasi am scared.. baka di akop matanggap eh.. that year nakapasa ung friend ko sa Emirates she told me to read the book she had I bought a copy of a book from her, its very helpful and very informative!! mura lang naman so super worth it naman.. lahat ng dapat malaman nanadun na... So from that book lalo ako nainspire and lumakas loob... (thanks sa book na un!)

Year 2007 ung cousin ko sa Dubai inisponsor ako na pumunta dun.. yoko sana kasi ok naman work ko here sa Philippines.. but naisip ko.. naku dun nga pala Emirates Airlines mismo cge i'll try!! :)
March 2007 My dad my pamangkin and my mom hinatid ako sa airport papunta dubai.

"Eto na ko pagdating dubai!! hehehe!"

Ok naman sa Dubai... maganda malinis.. then pagdating ko dun nag apply agad ako sa emirates chineck ko website then i saw na may open day!!! so nagpunta ako!! hay naku mga nandun iba iba lahi! and take note magaganda sila ha.. so ayun... go pa din ako.. then after a week tinawagan ako for assessment sa emirates aviation college.. pagdating ko dun halos umatras tlga ko panu ba naman tlgang parang beauty queen kalaban ko iba iba kasi lahi.. pero nilakasan ko loob ko.. kasi i believe na makakapasok ako kahit na feel ko hindi din.. i prayed din...
"So ayan thats me... sa IPAMS dapat sky blue ang backgorund ng pic.. pero since sa dubai me nagaaply ok lang kahit white.. :) sa dubai lang ha..kasi ngaun blue na daw.."

And then sa assessment ayun 7:30 am sharp dapat andun ka na.. First they will show the Emirates video.. kung ano ggawin mo as a Cabin Crew.. After the video they will ask questions.. not necessarily u will answer.. ikaw kung gusto mo lang... then after that Reach Test na!!! ayun.. tanggal shoes.. isa isa un u have to go in front then they will tell you to reach this thing.. that time it was a bond paper na nakadikit sa taas ng wall.. so that way they will know if u can reach the lalagyanan ng mga gamit dun sa airplane i dont know tawag dun hehehe.. :) then after that they will interview u a little bit... like 1:) wer do u work 2.) when cani take off my braces (coz nakabraces ako that time) shempre i answered i can take it off anytime hehehe... 3.) tell me abt u (mga 1 minute story ok na )
Then after that hinati kami apat na groups.. ayun kunwari daw magbabarakada kami mgkwentuhan daw kami about sa 5 things about dubai and
5 bad things about dubai.. so we have to come up sa 5 things lang dapat.. so ayun Officers will just look at the candidates and they will just see how u answer and how u talk..

(dapat di ka aggressive wait for ur turn and l
ess talk lang.. dapat makita ung personality mo na nice ka and mabait tlga.. u should not disagree kung meron ka mang narinig na ayaw mo..)

YUN lang!!! then labas nakau lahat coz they will choose 10 candidates na lang out of 80 girls kami that time..

Kabado na ko shempre thought di ako makakapasok so ayun pumili ng 10 i got in!! ayun pasok na ulit sa malaking room...

Exams na agad.. madali lang ung exam as in logic lang saka simple english.. essay.. ayun!!

TIPS: (logic lang.. walang grammar nga eh talagang common sense lang!)


AYUn pinalabas kami ulit after 20 minutes lumabas na ulit ung naginterview they will give you each one a letter kung nakapasa ka o hindi.. pag open ko hay salamat! i got in! So 4 kami nakapasok!! I was so happy but nervous.. ako lang filipina the rest iba lahi eh...


So Group discussion ulit... pina form kami ng group since apat kami so apat lang kami maguusap usap.. ang scenario kunwari daw sa isang eroplano may 7 tao na iba iba ang position sa buhay like doctor, lawyer, housuwife, baby, lasenggero , etc.. u will choose sino ang sasagipin mo kunwari macrcrash ang plane! sa sagot ko akin na lang un heheehe :)
TIPS: (wala sa sagot yan.., titingnan lang nila paano mo ihandle ang situation and kung mag aagree ka ba sa mga kasama mo kung iba ang gu
sto nila sagipin.. so ang tip dun umoo ka na lang din sa knila pero sbhin mo rin gusto mo din sagipin to si ganto.. in a nice way!)


So after nung discussion pinalabas na kami ulit.. :) then after 10 minutes labas na naman ang naginterview! so pumili sha ng tatlo.. fortunately napasok ako :)

So ayun they congratulate us three.. And they told me i have to remove my braces asap kasi final interview ko na two days after that day!! whew! so ayun naghanap ako dental clinic pinaalis ko ang braces ko na that time 3 months pa lang!! ang sakit ha!!!!!!!!:) but ok lang emirates naman eh :)


2 days after final interview na.. sa clock tower dnata dubai...

mejo mga one hour yata yun.. mga
sample questions?

1.) do u trust ur friends? (nagulat me shempre kala
ko mga tell me abt urself lang)

2.) Kelan mo masasabing kaya mong i break rule
s ng company? anung situation?

3.) Give us situations na pinagkatiwalaa
n mo friends mo sa work

ayun!!! grabe naloka ako sa mga questions nila.. mi
nsan may 2minutes na nakatulala ako kasi nga shempre am thinking diba... so yun wait daw ako results ng two weeks..........
kaso ang problem ko nun i cant wait na sa t
wo weeks kasi ung visa ko sa dubai 60 days lang! or else need ko umexit sa kish island mahigpit kasi dun.. ayun wait ako... after a week nawalan me pagasa baka di ako nakapasa..alam nyo yun,,,

Then sa takot ko and yoko na umasa sa emirates... may nagoffer sakin ng work sa dubai as BEAUTY CONSULTANT ayun tinanggap ko MAy 4 ak
o pumirma then guess what MAy 7 tinawagan ako ng Emirates!! badtrip,,,

ayun work ako...

eto uniform ko sa work

So ayun joining date ko dapat July 29, 2007 kaso yaw ako bigyan ng NOC ng company ko meanig ayaw nila ko paalisin dapat one year muna ko... kaya ngresign ako.. so banned ako ng 6months sa Dubai..ok na un kesa mag stay ako sa work na di ko gusto diba? un ang epekto ng pagiging ignorante ko sa laws sa dubai... kaya umuwi ako dito pinas ulit..

So un.. last month April 2008 I tried to go to IPAMs kaso they told me i have to follow the procedures so assessment daw ult! huh! well i joined the assessment last april ,,, u know what hapend?? bumgsak ako sa group discussions... weird no? so ayun uwi ako sa house na luhaan..

raket na lang muna ako...extra extrahan hehehe here's my pics..


dyosa scene with mickey direk dickme wearing yellow confuse sa script heheehe :)

played as mickey's twin role

with sam

kulitan with chubz

with sam and i forgot

wid anne

Then i told myself i will try again.. last month sept 2008 i tried to have my self pre screened again.. but then i emailed emirates airlines din and told them my situation they they told me just sign the Contract and no need for assessment!! i was so happy so they gave me my joining date this NOvemebr 21, 2008..

So, medicals na ko kahapon... results sa monday...lets wait...